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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Giant Coca-Cola

OK OK...I havent sold this site to Coca Cola...thats a huge Coca Cola advertisement on Nanjing Street in Shanghai... the light keeps going up and down giving the bottle an appearance of being filled and empty!

Some Beautiful Flowers!

Lovely Flowers near the Shopping Mall area in Xu Jia Hu...

Grand Gateway - Shanghai

Not sure what that building is all about - looked nice and I clicked it :)

Twin Towers of Shanghai ;-)

Twin Towers? He He - its just some more skyscrapers in the Xu Jia Hu area.

Lotus Shopping Center

Lotus Center - Found this cool shopping place. Its the 'Target' of China.

Shanghai Science and Technology Museum

Shanghai Science and Technology Museum

Shanghai Science & Technology Museum Area

Shanghai Technology Museum Area. Just outside the subway station in front of a tall building. On the opposite side is the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Some Skyscrapers in Xu Jia Hu (Shanghai)

Some more skyscrapers from Xu Jia Hu.

Dazzling Lights - Xu Jia Hu - Shanghai

A friend of mine who saw this said it looks like Las Vegas with all the lights. Xu Jia Hu certainly looks amazing with all the lighting and reflections.

Xu Jia Hu and Speeding cars!

Xu Jia Hu in the night. A picture taken on the roads of Xu Jia Hu. The speeding cars have blurred giving a spooky feel to the picture...

MetroCity Shopping Center - Xu Jia Hu, Shanghai

MetroCity Shopping Center - a good shopping place for electronics. Bargaining allowed ;-)

Nanjing Street - Shanghai

Nanjing Street at Night - a very popular shopping street in Shanghai.

Bund Waterfront - Shanghai

A More distant view of the Bund Waterfront covering lor more buildings... The tallest building which can be seen the center is the TV Tower. 'Bund' is an Anglo-Indian word for embankment.

Bund Area and Huangpu River - Shanghai

This picture shows the Huangpu River and the buildings on the waterfront. The lights from the buildings reflect on the river creating an amazing view...

Bund Area - Shanghai

The Bund area is the are around the Huangpu River.

Shanghai from 24th Floor - Part 2

More Shanghai - taken from the 24th floor again.

Shanghai from the 24th Floor

Shanghai from the 24th Floor. I took this picture from the 24th floor of the Sofitel Hiland Hotel on Nanjing Street where I was staying. The city seems to be full of skyscrapers.

SuvarnaBhoomi Airport - Bangkok, Thailand

SuvarnaBhoomi Airport in Bangkok, Thailand. Flew Bangalore-Bangkok-Shanghai. This is a brand new airport in Bangkok which has been completed recently.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Corridor Road

BMIC Corridor Road connecting Kanakapura Road to Mysore Road. This road is the newest addition to Bangalore. A mega plan of connecting all majot roads is underway and this road will connect Tumkur Road to Mysore Road to Kanakapura Road to Banerghatta Road to Hosur Road.

More Greenery

More Greenery - this picture probably gives a better idea of the Arkavathy/Cauvery as can be...

Farmlands beside Chunchi Falls...

Farmlands beside Chunchi Falls - the area around Chunchi Falls is the Arkavathy River Basin and hence lots of greenery is visible...

Chunchi Falls.

Chunchi Falls - thin waterfalls. The water used to be much more on my previous visits. Seems to have reduced these days. Visited Chunchi Falls on 2nd Oct 2006 as it was a holiday due to Gandhi Jayanthi.

Before the Falls...

This is how the water looks like before it flows down the gorge as a waterfall...

The Gorge Near Chunchi Falls

The Gorge Near Chunchi Falls. Chunchi Falls is a small Waterfall about 80km from Bangalore beyond Kanakapura.