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Sunday, September 24, 2006

In the Water

In the Water - Of course we ventured into the water on canoes. Everyone had life vests on as a safety measure.

Tree Boundary

Tree Boundary - the trees as can be seen from the picture had drawn a boundary beside the Blessington Lake.

Trekking Trail...

This picture gives a better idea of the trekking trail...

Picture from the trek

Picture from the trek. Did a small trek on some of the hills in Glenmalure just beside the Blessington Lake in Wicklow.

Waterfall on the way.

Waterfall on the way. This was a waterfall on the way back from Glenmalure towards Sally Gap.

Second Visit to Glendalough

Second Visit to Glendalough. This picture was taken on my second visit to Glendalough in June 2006. The team played a game of treasure hunt where we needed to visit various places in and around Wicklow County and gather necessary information from clues provided to us. Glendalough was part of the Treasure Hunt as well.

Blessington Lake in the evening

A View of Blessington Lake in the evening.