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Friday, April 08, 2005

The Grandeur of Doddamakali...!

Another scenic view of Doddamakali with a typical boat seen on the edge called the coracle in English or "Theppa" in Kannada. Posted by Hello


Doddamakali - Visited this place which is along the the river Cauvery. Wonderful place with peace and quiet. A bit sunny though since its summer here. The place makes for an excellent trekking spot with some wildlife as well. Managed to spot quite a few wild elephants.

Doddamakali is situated about 145 km from Bangalore and is about 6km upstream from Bheemeshwari which is yet another popular place.

The Journey Home

Journey Home - I started back to India on 31st of March and reached Bangalore on 1st April. The journey was tiring and had some adventure on the way. After about 1.5 hrs in mid air, we were informed that there is a fuel indicator warning on the flight and so we returned back to the Airport to repair the aircraft which resulted in a delay of 5 hours! Thats a picture taken from the flight when the flight was being repaired in Frankfurt, Germany. The route was Copenhagen-Frankfurt-Bangalore.Posted by Hello